Just Imagine It...
Niall Imagine for Morgan:

You walked into your flat one night after you got off of work to find Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn, Eleanor, and Perrie all sitting in your living room. “How did you guys get into my house??” You demanded, walking into the kitchen to get a drink. “The spare key.” Harry replied nonchalantly, and went back to chatting with the boys. “Care to join us love? We were just about to play a game.” Niall asked, patting the seat beside him on the couch with the hand that wasn’t stuffed inside a bag of potato chips. You walked over and sat next to him. “What are we playing?” you asked, throwing your legs over his lap casually. “We were thinking Truth or Dare.” said Eleanor. “Sweet, count me in!” you said, digging into Niall’s chips. Normally that action would have resulted in losing a hand, but Niall always shared his food with you. You were the only one he shared with, actually. The two of you had been best friends for years. Your friendship had always been carefree and easy. Until recently. About a year ago you had begun to develop feelings for Niall. More than just feelings; you were completely and totally in love with him. Which of course, made your friendship complicated. Every girl he flirted with, every date he went on, made you incredibly jealous. It took all the effort you had to hide it from Niall. Louis’ voice cut through your thoughts. “Ok…I guess I’ll go first.” He said. “Wait..why do you get to go first??” Perrie demanded. “Because.” Louis replied sassily. “I’m oldest.” “But it’s Morgan’s house.” Harry pointed out. “I’m fine, he can go first.” You responded. Louis smirked at Harry. “See then? Alright. Um….Niall. Truth or dare?” Niall thought for a moment. “Truth.” He said, popping a chip into his mouth. “What’s the real reason you broke up with Demi?” Louis asked, leaning forward eagerly to hear his answer. Your head snapped over to Niall. He hadn’t told you he’d broken things off with Demi. Normally he told you everything. You waited in anticipation for his answer. “First of all,” Niall started “Demi and I weren’t official. We only went out on a few dates.” Eleanor rolled her eyes. “Official or not, stop with the technicalities Niall! Why did you break it off?” Niall looked down at his lap. “Cause…I like someone else.” He said quietly. You frowned, wondering who it could be. Who could be the lucky lady who had captured Niall’s attention this time? You couldn’t take it anymore. You couldn’t stand by, watching him be happy while you were miserable. You slung your legs off of his lap and strode quickly out the back door, fighting back tears. You leaned against the banister, looking up into the stars. Just a few seconds after the door had swung shut it was swinging back open again. Niall walked out and stood beside you. You turned to look up into his gorgeous blue eyes. “Love, what’s wron-“ He started. Before you knew it you were cutting him off by crashing your lips against his. His arms instantly wrapped around your waist, pulling you in closer to him. He pulled back and brushed a strand of hair out of your face. “Niall, I can’t take it anymore. I can’t watch you date girl after girl when I’m completely and totally in love with you. I can’t do it anymore-“ Niall cut you off by placing his finger against your lips. “Morgan…that girl I was talking about in there? It was you.” He put his finger down to allow you to reply. “Me?” you asked in disbelief. He nodded, smiling. “You. Morgan, will you be my girlfriend?” He pressed his forehead against yours. You smiled and nodded, stretching up to press your lips against his once more.

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