Just Imagine It...
Riker Imagine for Mandy:

“So mom asked me the other day how long it’s going to be before you and Riker start dating.” Rydel said, taking a sip from her lemonade. You were both lounging outside by the Lynch’s pool. (http://www.polyvore.com/beach/set?id=91668797&lid=1584637) You groaned. “Crap, she knows now too?!” you cried. Rydel laughed. “It’s pretty obvious Mandy. I think Riker’s the only one that doesn’t know.” She said. You sighed. She had a point. You weren’t good at hiding your feelings. Your parents always said they could read you like a book. Your mom and Stormie had been best friends in high school. They had kept in touch even after their family moved to Los Angeles. You had spent every summer since they had moved in L.A. with them. You were closest to Riker and Rydel, particularly Riker. You didn’t even remember when you had fallen for him. It just happened. “I don’t see why you won’t just tell him!” she cried, taking off her sunglasses to look at you. “Because.” You groaned. “I don’t know what to say!” She sat up. “‘Hey Riker, I think I’m in love with you.’ How hard is that?!” she asked. You frowned. “Easy for you to say, you aren’t the one that’s in love with your best friend!” She sighed. “Yeah, easier said than done I suppose.” She laid back in her chair. “How do you stand it though? Being around him all the time.” You groaned again. “You have no idea! It sucks. I love spending time with him; he’s my best friend. But at the same time I’m fighting the constant urge to kiss him, or blurt out my feelings.” Rydel was silent for a moment. “Why don’t you?” she asked. “Why don’t I what?” you questioned, confused. “Kiss him.” She said simply. You snatched off your sunglasses and sat up to look at her. “Have you lost your mind?!” you cried. “It’s just a suggestion, calm down!” Rydel said quickly. “Sorry.” You mumbled, laying back again. “It’s ok.” She laughed before continuing. “You said that you didn’t know how to tell him. Sometimes actions speak louder than words.” You sat in silence for a few minutes. That actually wasn’t a bad idea at all. Instead of awkwardly trying to tell Riker how you felt, why didn’t you just show him? “You know I’m right.” She said, breaking the silence. You could almost hear her smirking. “WOOHOO!” you heard a voice cry. You both sat up to see Ross come running through the gate and towards the pool. He leapt off the diving board and did a flip into the water. You rolled your eyes. Rocky, Riker, & Ryland walked in together. “Guys! I thought this was our pool time.” Rydel frowned. “You’ve been out here for two hours! What’s the point of ‘pool time’ if you’re just sitting here??” Rocky demanded. Riker and Ryland both dove into the pool after Ross, Rocky following closely behind. You and Rydel looked at each other and laughed. Riker climbed out of the pool and walked towards you. “Mandy…you’re so dry!” he said mischievously. You gripped your chair. “Riker don’t you DARE!” you cried. He wrapped his arms around you, dripping water down your back. “Riker no!” you said, laughing. “Mandy I will throw you in, chair and all. Let go!” he threatened. You squealed as more cold water dripped all over you. You finally released your grip on the chair. He lifted you up in his arms. “Riker!” you cried, as he dove into the pool, still holding you. “I’m gonna kill you!” you screamed at him, emerging from underwater. He laughed, treading water next to you. “Whatever, you can’t stay mad at me.” He said with that smirk you loved. You rolled your eyes, pushing his head back under the water.

Later on that evening, you and Riker were sitting near the edge of the pool. Everyone else had gone inside. “If you could go anywhere in the world, ANYWHERE, where would it be?” he asked. You paused, thinking. “I don’t know! There are so many places. Probably France. Maybe Australia.” You said. “Australia’s pretty awesome.” He replied. “If you weren’t in R5, what would you want to be doing?” you questioned. He thought for a few moments. “I don’t know if I’ve ever thought about it. I’ve always wanted to be an actor or a singer.” He said. You shoved him lightly. “You have to answer!” you insisted. He groaned. “I really don’t know! I haven’t thought about it. Something with music. Maybe a music teacher, or a producer or something. I don’t know!” he cried, laughing. He paused for a moment, thinking of a question for you. You looked at him, expectantly. “If you could kiss anyone in the world, whether it’s a real person or a fictional character, who would it be?” he asked. You sat in silence for a few long moments, thinking. This was your chance to tell him. You wrestled with the idea for a minute. “Darren Criss.” You said finally, deciding to play it safe. Riker smirked. “I can make that happen you know.” He teased. You rolled your eyes and shoved him again. “Shut up.” You said, laughing. The two of you sat outside for an hour more before Mark stuck his head out the door and let you know that dinner was ready. Riker stood up, offering you his hand. He began to walk inside, a few steps ahead of you. “Riker wait.” You said hesitantly. He turned around to look at you. “Yeah?” he asked. “I wasn’t exactly truthful earlier.” You said nervously. He took a step towards you. “What do you mean?” he asked, confusion evident on his face. “When you asked who I’d kiss if I could kiss anyone in the world.” You began. He looked at you curiously. “Yeah?” he asked again. “If I could kiss anyone in the world…….I’d kiss you.” You admitted, looking down at the grass. You were terrified to look at Riker. Part of you regretted what you had just said, but part of you was relieved that it was finally out in the open. You picked your head up to look at him. He was looking at you, still frozen in place. Your felt your heart drop. “Great, I shouldn’t have said anything.” You thought. “Forget it.” You mumbled, walking towards the house. As soon as you passed Riker you felt his hand grip your wrist. Before you could process what was happening, he had whirled you around to face him. “Riker-” you began. He leaned down and pressed his lips to yours, cutting you off. His lips had just touched yours when you heard Ross and Rocky start cheering from the kitchen door. You broke away from Riker, looking towards the house. The entire Lynch family, including Ellington, were watching the two of you. “HOW CUTE!” Rydel squealed, holding on to Rocky’s arm. “Guys really?!” Riker groaned. “Don’t ‘really’ us! It’s about dang time!” Stormie yelled back. Everyone laughed, including you and Riker. “Ok show’s over, everyone back inside. Give them a minute.” Ross said, pushing everyone back into the house. “Well hurry it up, the food’s getting cold.” Stormie said, stepping back inside. You turned to look at Riker. “So…” you started. Riker smiled, looking at the ground. “Look, we’ve been best friends forever so I’m just going to say it. I love you Mandy. And I want to be able to call you mine.” He said, looking back up at you. You smiled. “I love you too Riker.” You replied, smiling back. He leaned down and kissed you again. You wound your arms around his neck, pulling yourself closer to him. You heard a knocking on the window, and broke apart once more. Rydel was motioning for the two of you to come inside. “Again?” Riker grumbled. You laughed, quickly pecking his lips. “Come on.” You said. He took your hand and followed you inside. “This is going to be an interesting dinner.” He mumbled as the two of you stepped into the house.

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